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Benefits of on-the-job training and what is it

June 3, 2021 -

If you made it through your interview and landed the position, there is still a ways to go. Whether you left your old job or are starting your career, new employees have to undergo some form of training. More specifically, I will be taking you through on-the-job training, what it is and its benefits.

On-the-job training (OJT) is a hands-on approach to teaching new employees the required skills for the job. This type of training can take on different forms and styles, but all share a common goal of learning as you work. Using the already existing materials and knowledge in the workplace can teach a new employee the ins and outs of their job. This makes for a seamless transition from training to complete workplace duties independently successfully.

OJT might begin with shadowing a manager or mentor and then eventually completing learned tasks under supervision. Another form of training is working with a colleague. This colleague would not have higher seniority but should be a high-performing employee. As a person trains, their progression can be continuously monitored and assessed before going full force into the job.


Some examples of on-the-job training:

Data Entry:

  • Learning software and computer programs
  • Completing practice drills and projects
  • Resorting to training manual for more detailed information

IT Support:

  • Shadowing a colleague
  • Completing mock phone calls with clients
  • Learning company policies and structures
  • Performing real calls with clients under supervision


What are the advantages of on-the-job training? 

Unlike training videos or seminars alone, OJT gives hands-on experience for new employees. Practicing day-to-day tasks can help in better retaining information. By actively partaking in the job, it can be easier for employees to remember protocols rather than reading a training manual.

Working alongside other employees or managers to train helps give a scope of company culture. Through OJT, a recent hire can learn hard and soft skills such as team building. By working with other colleagues, you can become more comfortable with your new work environment, which builds confidence on the job.

OJT can also benefit not just the new employee but the company as a whole. Even though OJT is typically paid, it’s much more cost-effective than traditional training. Companies don’t need to shell out the big bucks for expensive seminars and conferences when their employees can learn as they work. OJT also helps to reduce employee turnover. With employees feeling confident in their skills, they are less likely to quit or be let go.

Training managers to lead OJT can increase its effectiveness. Company culture begins at the top. Managers set the tone and expectations for their workplace. When managers train, they can communicate exactly how they want the job performed. The training process allows employees and managers to establish their professional relationships. Strong and healthy professional relationships make for satisfied employees.

Along with many other benefits, OJT can help reduce liability in the workplace. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Covid-19 has introduced many more risks in the workplace. With these risks comes new protocols such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and increased sanitation. All of these are necessary to maintain a healthy workplace. OTJ can help new employees learn and comprehend these new health and safety protocols and reduce their risk of exposure.

As you can see, on-the-job training has many advantages that other forms of training can’t offer. OJT is a valuable approach for employee retention, building professional relationships, and is even a benefit for the current pandemic.



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