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Which is the best IT Recruitment Agency in Toronto?

November 7, 2021 -

Top Recruitment Agencies in Toronto


Working with a recruitment agency comes with many benefits, primarily in taking the pain out of the hiring process. If you are looking to partner with a recruitment agency, naturally, you want to work with the best in the industry. But what does the best recruitment agency look like?


For starters, a good recruitment agency must have market knowledge. Knowing the industry inside and out will allow your recruiter to make appropriate hiring suggestions to help you get a leg up on the competition.


Retention rate is a crucial indicator of the competence of a recruitment agency. You want to be confident that the agency you partner with will find you talent to hire and also incredible talent that will last. If an agency has a low retention rate, it’s best to avoid and look elsewhere.


How does the agency prioritize its client’s needs? A good agency invests time into understanding the ins and outs of their client to know what works and what doesn’t. An agency’s first steps should be to establish a strong relationship with its client. If an agency lacks the effort to form these connections, it’s already telling of their work ethic during the actual recruitment phase.


The Best IT Recruitment Agency in Toronto


So, who is the best recruitment agency in Toronto? Well, based on the above criteria, we at Live Assets can proudly say proudly we are Toronto’s #1 recruitment agency specializing in IT staffing solutions. If you don’t believe us just yet, here are a couple more reasons that set us apart from the competition.


At Live Assets | IT Staffing Solutions, our philosophy is that people are a company’s best asset, and a business can only be as strong as its team players. We make sure to visit all our clients at their workplaces to get a sense of the environment and culture. This ensures that the candidates we recommend are technically superior as well as share your organization’s values.


Hiring is tough, and we know our clients are busy, which is why we conduct three levels of screening on their behalf. This process involves a telephone, technical and behavioural screening. These three screening levels let us thoroughly evaluate not only the candidate’s hands-on skills but also their soft skills. We guarantee that all resumes sent to our clients are from candidates we have personally interviewed and approved.


We stand behind a quality over quantity approach. Through our extensive selection process, we narrow our candidates down to just a handful to provide our clients with the best of the best. Along with their resumes, our clients will also receive a candidate profile summary customized to the position up for hire.


Our goal is to represent our clients and relieve them of hiring duties. From background checks, coordinating interviews, to negotiating offers, we do it all.  We believe that by going the extra mile, we can take our clients above and beyond.

If you are in the GTA and looking for IT recruitment services, we are just a phone call away!


About Live Assets | IT Staffing Solutions

Live Assets is a boutique IT Staffing/Recruiting firm specializing exclusively in building IT teams of excellence for the Information Technology sector.

We are a small, but productive team that works closely together and has had a 96% success rate for the past number of years!

We have a diverse number of clients and industries and focus on both full-time and contract I.T. opportunities.

You can find out more about our company on LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook –Youtube – Glassdoor

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