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5 Top Traits to Look For in a Recruiter

August 28, 2022 -


How to find the right recruiter?


Whether you’re a candidate seeking employment, a client scouting talent or someone interested in a career in recruiting, some top traits and qualities make for a talented recruiter.


Excellent communication skills

A significant aspect of recruitment involves communication and its imperative that they have strong skills in both verbal and written communication. Recruiters are a middleman for candidates and clients, and both of these parties must be kept in the loop and provided with regular updates.


Target driven 

Both clients and candidates have a goal. Businesses have a problem, so they come to recruiters to find talent to solve their problems. On the other hand, candidates have specific career goals in mind, and a recruiter can help meet these goals. Recruiters must be target driven to help their clients and candidates get to where they need to go.



Having an approachable demeanour is a great way to build rapport and make clients and candidates feel comfortable and at ease. If you come across stand-offish clients, they most likely won’t want to work with you in the future, and candidates can get scared off. Being personable and approachable can build trust and create lasting professional relationships. As these relationships are nurtured, more businesses will be inclined to work with you and even recommend you to others.



Recruiters have much advice and knowledge, but they also need to listen. Any good recruiter should hone their active listening skills. It’s crucial that your recruiter listens to get a sense of your professional and personal goals and challenges and motivates you. Finding out all these minute details about their candidates and clients will lead to higher success rates in finding suitable opportunities or candidates.



Recruiters should have confidence in themselves and the skills they offer to their candidates and clients. If you show confidence in yourself, candidates and clients will also have confidence in you. Recruiters are constantly networking and maintaining connections, which can aid a healthy confidence level.



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