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7 Benefits of Temporary Employment

June 12, 2022 -


What’s temporary work?



Temp work: Don’t knock it till you try it


There seems to be a lot of bias towards temp work. Some professionals might have a preconceived notion that temp jobs are just about making or taking calls or another mindless task.

And because of these misconceptions, many people only consider full-time positions. The reality is that temp work is loaded with benefits, many of which full-time gigs can’t offer. When you narrow your search to permanent positions, you’re losing out on a potentially rewarding and fulfilling work experience.


7 Benefits of temp work:

  1. New references
  2. Explore career options
  3. Grow your network
  4. Flexibility
  5. Avoid employment gaps
  6. Work towards full time
  7. Keep money in your pockets



New references

If you haven’t worked many jobs, it can be tricky finding trustworthy references who will vouch for you. Working temp jobs will introduce you to many new employers, and if you impress them they can be the key to your next opportunity.


Explore career options

Entering the workforce for the first time can be very overwhelming. No matter how sure you are of your career plans things can always change. You might start a position that you thought you would love and end up dreading every day of work. If you just want to test the water, temporary positions can help you explore your passions and interests while still making money and growing your skills.


Grow your network

Starting a new job opens the door to meeting new people and adding new connections to your network. Working temp jobs allows you to make these connections at a rapid pace. With each job worked you never what kind of people you’ll meet and what opportunities it can lead to. Keep in mind these connections are only valuable so long as your nurture them.



One of the greatest advantages of temp work is flexibility. In typical full-time positions, it can be tricky getting time off of work. With temp work if you want to go on vacation or just take some time off all you have to do is not pick up another contract. Temp employees can better manage their work-life balance and don’t feel bogged down putting in overtime.


Avoid employment gaps

Employment gaps aren’t always negative but they can raise some red flags to whoever reviews your resume next. If you are in between jobs, temporary roles can fill in these gaps and help you avoid any potentially uncomfortable conversations in future interviews.


Work towards full time

There are many different type of temporary jobs and some of them can even lead to a permanent position. Lots of time companies will take the temp-to-hire route to get a sense of the talent that’s out there. If they see what they like you might get to join their team full time.


Keep money in your pockets

To incentivize temp work, companies typically offer temps higher wages than their full-time counterparts.


If you find yourself in a tough spot financially or just want to make some extra dough try temping. With its flexibility, you can work temp jobs alongside your full-time or other part-time jobs. Additionally, if you’re on the hunt for a full-time job, temporary work can give you some financial stability to keep you afloat.




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