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Canada’s Advantage in Artificial Intelligence

June 16, 2024 -

Securing Canada’s Advantage as Leaders of Artificial Intelligence

Canada has emerged as a thriving hub for artificial intelligence (AI), fostering a vibrant ecosystem of research, innovation, and technology. With its rich pool of talent, supportive government policies, and strong academic institutions, Canada has positioned itself at the forefront of AI development. This blog post will explore the factors contributing to Canada’s status as an AI hub and its impact on its economy and technological advancement.


The latest advancements in AI Technology in Canada

Optimizing International Student Acceptance Rates

In January, the federal government announced a decrease in the number of study permits issued to international students. Two Canadian companies, BorderPass and ApplyBoard, have introduced AI technology that ranks university applications to determine the likelihood of getting a provincial attestation letter (PAL).


Ending Canada’s Productivity Slump

Canada is currently undergoing a productivity slump, and artificial intelligence might be the solution. If the problem remains ignored, the nation’s economy will continue declining, lessening Canadian opportunities. With the collaboration of AI, we can:

Automate routine tasks: AI can perform repetitive tasks with increased efficiency and precision

Improved decision-making: AI Algorithms can analyze large datasets, uncover insights like forecasting market trends and enable companies to optimize their procedures.

Boost workforce skills: AI can provide personalized training and aid workers in acquiring new specialized skills as job requirements evolve.


Risks of AI

Though AI can be a great asset in boosting the country’s economy, it also poses some concerns. GPT-4o, OpenAI’s latest language model, has been found to have some alarming safety concerns. While this updated version of the chatbot isn’t supposed to spew hate speech and conspiracy theories, some have found a way to bypass its built-in safety features. The jailbreak strategy requires as little as two prompts to get GPT-4o to produce offensive and shocking responses that violate OpenAI’s policies. Some of these responses included racist remarks about marginalized groups in Canada, violent political policies, fake statistics and even the psychological benefits of self-harm.


Securing Canada’s AI Advantage

Investments are needed to maintain Canada’s status as a global leader in AI and job security.  

Computing Power Unleashed:

A  $2 billion investment in the AI Compute Access Fund will empower AI researchers, start-ups, and scale-ups. Progressive computing capabilities and technological infrastructure will be within reach, attracting global AI investment and fostering talent.

AI Beyond Borders:

An additional $200 million for AI adoption across diverse sectors – agriculture, clean tech, healthcare, and manufacturing. Regional Development Agencies will use these funds, stirring AI-driven growth.

Start-ups on the Rise:

AI start-ups hold the key to disruptive technologies. The federal government is allocating resources to propel them into the market, ensuring their innovations benefit all Canadians.

Professional Resilience:

With AI adoption possibly impacting jobs, $50 million is dedicated to reskilling programs to support workers during this transition.

NRC IRAP AI Assist Program:

An infusion of $100 million will empower small and medium-sized businesses to scale up. Companies can enhance productivity and stay competitive by building and deploying new AI solutions.

Sectoral Workforce Solutions: 

With $50 million, creative industries and potentially disrupted sectors receive a lifeline. New skills training ensures workers continue to succeed in the changing AI landscape.

Canadian AI Safety Institute: 

With $50 million, the government is creating a safety net against risks posed by advanced or corrupt AI systems.

Responsible Innovation: 

The proposed Artificial Intelligence and Data Act receives $5.1 million for the Office of the AI and Data Commissioner. Responsible AI adoption ensures protection from potential risks.

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