Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies in Calgary.

Alberta A Hub of Technology and Innovation

June 10, 2024 -

Alberta: Home to the world’s fastest growing tech cities

Known for its gorgeous landscapes and wildlife, Alberta is rapidly evolving into a technological powerhouse. With its diverse workforce, innovative solid ecosystem, and high quality of life, the western province is the ideal environment for starting or scaling a tech company. We’ll unravel the layers of Alberta’s IT landscape, exploring the key components contributing to its vivacity, from established industry giants to the dynamic startup ecosystem.

Pillars of the IT Skyline

At the core of Alberta’s IT landscape are industry giants that have established a significant presence in the province. Companies like IBMCisco, and Microsoft contribute to the technological infrastructure, offering various services ranging from cloud computing solutions to cutting-edge cybersecurity measures.

Innovative Startups Shaping Tomorrow

Beyond the established players, the province is dotted with a flourishing ecosystem of startups. Companies such as Benevity and Solium have risen to prominence, bringing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the forefront. This dynamic startup culture fosters creativity and attracts talent, positioning Calgary as a city where ideas transform into reality.

Sectoral Integration

Though traditionally a dominant energy sector, Alberta embraces digital transformation, leading to technology integration across various industries. The healthcare, finance, and logistics sectors leverage IT solutions to enhance efficiency and drive innovation. This sectoral integration creates a diverse and dynamic landscape, offering opportunities for tech professionals with expertise in niche domains.

Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies

Alberta’s IT landscape is in the midst of a digital revolution. Businesses are increasingly adopting emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain to stay competitive. This wave of digital transformation presents opportunities for IT professionals to contribute to groundbreaking projects and shape the future of industries.

The word is getting around, and Silicon Valley software company Teknol is laying its roots. CEO and founder Rahul Beri says they chose Calgary due to its talent pool and affordability. With their engineering headquarters in Calgary, locals can expect to see 125 new jobs open over the next three years.

This year, US-based cybersecurity leader Fortinet announced its plans to invest $30 million and create over 100 jobs in Alberta by 2025. In partnership with local academic institutions, Fortinet aims to focus on inclusion, environmental initiatives, and talent development.

Like Calgary, Edmonton is experiencing extraordinary growth and making steady economic contributions. In 2023, Edmonton ranked fifth nationally for the number of deals made. The region attracted investments worth $188 million, a 324% increase from the previous year’s $58 million. Alberta, as a whole, brought in 10.3% of total investment dollars and 13% of venture capital deals in Canada.

Educational Institutions as Catalysts

Alberta’s commitment to nurturing a skilled workforce is evident in the educational initiatives undertaken by institutions such as the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). To prepare the future generation of talent, these institutions offer specialized programs in tech such as AI, quantum computing, and nanotech.

The province has initiated Quantum City, an organization that focuses on accelerating advancements in quantum technology. Joining forces with the University of Calgary, the Alberta government, and Mphasis, this initiative aims to transform Alberta into an economic and scientific quantum hub. Through its efforts, Quantum City is developing a talent funnel and securing Alberta’s place as a leader in the global quantum computing sector.


Start Alberta

Start Alberta is a scale-up and growth accelerator program developed by Alberta Innovates, Alberta Enterprise Corporation, and other regional partners. Start Alberta is a comprehensive database on the province’s startups and funding opportunities. It has helped strengthen the province’s innovation ecosystem, making it an attractive location for global tech firms to scale their North American presence.


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