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What Is quiet hiring? The new trend reshaping workplaces

February 18, 2023 -

Quiet Hiring, the Inverse of Quiet Quitting


Remember quiet quitting? Well, a new workplace trend has been getting a lot of attention lately. It’s called “quiet hiring,” and employees are not happy.


What is quiet hiring?

“Quiet hiring” is considered the opposite of quiet quitting. It’s a way for companies to obtain new talent to fill critical gaps without hiring new full-time employees. How it works is that companies assess their current workforce, mainly looking for employees who have slowly taken on more responsibilities. Ideally, these responsibilities and skills will fit a position that needs to be filled.


Why are companies quiet hiring?

Companies that use quiet hiring are looking to satisfy their immediate needs. The current hiring market is competitive, and companies feel pressured to minimize costs. With Canada expecting to hit a deeper recession than predicted last September, companies are looking for a way to save a buck. With both these factors, companies are struggling to find new talent while trying to retain their top performers. With the current economic landscape, staffing budgets are plateauing or even decreasing.


How do employers benefit from quiet hiring?

  • Save time and money by not increasing your workforce.
  • Upskilling employees can improve retention, engagement and productivity.
  • Cultivate home-grown skills in existing employees.
  • Target skill gaps. Conduct regular stay interviews to find these gaps.



The jury is in, and it’s not looking positive. Similar to how most employers were feeling about quiet quitting, employees are not a fan of quiet hiring. While quiet quitting can benefit the company, it can be frustrating for employees not looking to transition into new roles.

Though quiet hiring can lead to eventual promotions and advancements, employees

feel quiet hiring is just a way to trick employees into doing more work without compensation. Since this trend rose to popularity not long after quiet quitting – employees only doing their primary duties and nothing more – quiet hiring seems like a way to punish quiet quitters.


What should employees know about quiet hiring?

Most of the criticism surrounding quiet hiring is that it only benefits employers. When done ethically, there can be many advantages for employees as well. It’s not unreasonable that employees who are going above and beyond their job descriptions would ask for something in return. You must set clear expectations if you’re considering or already implementing quiet hiring.


  • Salary bumps. It’s not unreasonable for employees taking on new responsibilities to want to be compensated for their time and effort.
  • How it contributes to career goals. Learning new skills and taking on extra experience can significantly benefit those employees looking to develop their careers. Learn your employees’ long-term career goals and see how this new experience can help them build the skills they need to advance their careers.
  • Extra training. Employees must be provided with on-the-job training to fully prepare for their new roles. Whether through mentorship programs, or company-sponsored courses, employees need to be equipped with clear expectations and the tools they need to succeed.
  • Project length. How long is this new role or responsibility going to last? Is this a one-time project, or are these new responsibilities to carry over the long term?


Alternatives to quiet hiring

Working with a technical recruitment agency is a great way to reap the benefits of quiet hiring without actually doing it. When hiring through a recruitment agency, employers can:

  • Save time and money that would have been spent through hiring.
  • Bring on temporary talent for the time you need without increasing your full-time workforce.
  • Spend less on hiring and more time on retaining your top-performing employees.
  • Prevent or minimize burnout in your current employees.




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